Forced Perspective

I feel slightly dejected to admit this week’s revelation: epicurean enthusiast though I may be, my aptitude in the art of food styling and photography is shockingly sub-par. Amateur at best; might-as-well-be-a-drugstore-disposable at worst.

This stems from a newly developed habit of grazing foodie photoblogs (also referred to as ‘food porn’ – which makes me absolutely cringe and thus will never again be referenced to as such. ever.), scrolling through galleries of mouthwatering food photography shot so beautifully and in such detail of texture and depth, you can all but feel the moist crumble of warm olive oil cake or taste the fresh citrus pucker of ceviche. Lighting is flawless, camera angle in various degrees of closeups.

On a whim, I decided to contribute a single image. True, the shot didn’t have the shiny white background or perfect plating, but the biggest appeal of these sites is that content is completely user-generated. Surely not every random blogger in the webisphere can be a professional food photog in their spare time, right? Upload. Submit.


An automated diagnosis by the site administrator mentioned something about poor quality – to which I interject adamant protest. Taste was anything but. Admitting I’m a little burned, I am nevertheless willing to accept the following compromise: I will focus on writing effortlessly witty, charming blog prose (wink) and leave the photography to someone else until I have some semblance of dignity behind a camera lens. Deal?

In the meantime, you might want to bookmark these top foodie photoblogs – this latest project could take a while.

Note: While savory has its following, you can’t help but notice bakery sweets and desserts have majority rule, with delicately plated fruit tarts, rustic focaccia loaves, singed meringues and plump cupcakes with glistening pink frosting. Naturally, all of us are gluttons for punishment. If you’re not drooling yet, you will be.

1. Foodgawker

2. TasteSpotting

3. Photograzing

(*And for a sugar fix blog bonus: Tartellette )


Any add-ons? Feel free to share!


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One Response to “Forced Perspective”

  1. G-Man Says:

    Hey, gregogirl,
    After scrolling thru the Photograzing link, I see what you mean by “food p—“. Do you think anyone actually makes those deserts to eat?

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