At First Bite

As you can probably guess, I like food. A lot. I can’t think about warm, freshly baked almond croissants without a slight feeling of giddiness, and secretly daydream about kitchen space in the same way most girls entertain fantasies of walk-in closets. It’s not just that I like to eat; think of it more along the lines of “a pursuit of the culinary aesthetic” – an inner craving for  the homegrown, made-from-scratch and authentic in the context of scenes far-away and familiar. Food, for me, is not just flavor or even function; at the risk of sounding cliche, it’s a reference to a series of points along a journey where I find myself the most content – the intersection of the edible and the everyday.


4 Responses to “At First Bite”

  1. Milena Says:

    Just wait until you get here in Montenegro!!! Milan and his girlfriend found a small restaurant on the way to Zaljbak with homemade thick jogurt, bread and kajmak!! and who knows what else? I’m anxious to go there. See ya in Sept. Wish you would stay longer

  2. Eileen Gregovich Brooks Says:

    Liking food….you’re a true Serb! Try soaking anise seeds in brandy to add to your biscotti. Yummy. From the older grego girl!

  3. Mike Gregovich Says:

    I can’t wait to see your next food adventure. Keep them coming

  4. Mary Ann Says:

    I love it and understand completely!

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